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Isentris® Personal Edition (IPE)

Please visit also the IPE home page at Symyx for more information:




Get a free-of-charge evaluation at http://www.symyx.com/downloads/index.jsp. You must register yourself before you see in the product list the program that you can download. Don't forget to download  and install the right version of Microsoft SQL Server Express before installing IPE!

or go to:  www.symyx.com/promos/isentris-personal  

Typical applications:
  • Personal structure database
  • Personal reaction database
  • Personal Lab Note Book
  • Small inventory system
  • Databases for test results in
    • biology
    • catalysis
    • analytics
    • synthesis

Please ask if you are interested to use such software in small groups.

  • Relational database model: You prepare in several batches a compound and you want to report test data for each batch. All batches should be linked to the structure. In ISIS/Base you would need to create all test fields for each batch, ending up with 10 fields for melting point, if you have 10 batches. In a relational databases model you have a table for melting points. Isentris Personal Edition uses Microsoft® SQL Server Express® (free software) as database.
  • All chemical searches are now the same for the host and for the client system. You have now similarity search and reaction centers can be mapped. You have even generic search capabilities, see below!
  • Symyx Draw allows you to create enumerated structures.
  • Cherry picking - i. e. you need to select compounds for purchasing
  • The form editor is better than ever before:
    • drag and drop fields from left into the form area
    • you can design several forms and have them accessed via tabs
    • you have all the options for designing that the .Net programming language provides
  • A history tree lets you recall every search, every query and do logical operations.
  • If you need to upgrade to Isentris host system you are 100% compatible. If you want to take your work home you can create on the fly a subset of your host system, provided you supervisor allows you to do so! Typically you would download a search in a commercial database for further refinement, i.e. extract the references for a publication.



For those getting started, videos are available:




  Isentris Personal Edition includes:
  • Symyx® Isentris® clientSearch, browse, collate and share scientific data in an efficient, time-saving manner that is integrated with workflows.
  • Isentris for Excel — Access, browse, collate, report, manage and share scientific data from a diverse range of public and proprietary data sources in the Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheet environment.
  • Symyx® Draw — Quickly draw precise chemical structures and reactions, create publication-quality graphics and create and edit MDL ISIS-compatible sketches.


If you have already ISIS/Desktop software, or similar software from other vendors, please  visit this page for a current promotion to upgrade to IPE.


With Isentris Personal Edition, you can draw structures for presentations or queries.

If you go to the "Chemistry" button in Symyx Draw you can enumerate structures as seen on the left. For large enumeration other software can be provided.

A remark about generic structures. Using the chemical library from Symyx you could store stuctures, like on the left in a database, and search by susbstructure, and you will find any substructure that is part of any of the enumerated structures. With other words, it is not required to store all enumerated structures in a database.


Browse and cherry-pick data the way you want while re-running search strategies with the history tree.

The history tree on the far left provides you an easy way to manage hit lists. 


Easily convert data to SAR tables in Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.  
Build the forms you need to search, browse, and capture data.  


  • We are offering three months free maintenance and support for all purchases through September 2009 for non-academic licenses, as well as free access to e-learning material to support customers getting started.

  • In addition, we will provide upgrade pricing for those moving from ChemDraw and ChemOffice.

  • For academic users, there will be a 25% discount through September for all new licenses and upgrades purchased.


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